Paper Mache Letter


12 x 12 Black canvas 8x8 burlap canvas #30132752
Mister Huey’s White #30130647
White Bistro Marker #30033035
E6000 #30078037
Decorative Paper
Coordinating Stamp pad
Double stick tape



Take the Mister Huey’s White spray and spritz around the black canvas.
Trace letter onto decorative paper. Cut out shape from decorative paper and adhere to letter with double sided tape. Distress edges with stamp pad.
Wrap twine around burlap canvas in a design you like to create a “clothes line”
Adhere burlap canvas to the black canvas with E6000 glue.
Adhere the Letter to the burlap canvas with E6000 glue
Embellish the clothesline with tags and clothespins.



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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