Paper Tree

1 qty. 7” x 7 “ Printed Cardstock paper for tree
1 qty. 12mm Star bead for topper #30078693
6” of thin metallic cording for the hanger silver #30077057 or gold #30077058
Stickles glitter glue

Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Paper Creaser #30003774 or similar
Large eye needle for threading hanger
Low temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks

Circle Cutter #77941583 and Mat #77941575



*Optional: You can use a circle cutter and mat to cut out the circle if you prefer. Just set circle cutter to 6”.


Trace and cut out the 6” circle from cardstock according to the pattern. Fold circle in half, top to bottom, with the wrong side of the cardstock on the facing up. Crease well. Unfold and fold circle half, left to right, matching the points of the crease lines. Crease well. Unfold.


Turn the circle so that the creased lines are an “X”. Fold circle in half, top to bottom, this time meeting the crease lines on the diagonal points. Crease well. Unfold. Lastly, fold the circle in half, left to right. Crease well. The circle should now be divided into 8 sections.


Turn the circle over. Now, crease down the center of each of the 8 sections to create 16 sections. Trim each section into a slight point, refer to the pattern.


String the cording onto the needle and come through the inside of the tree up to the top. Double up the cording and go back down into the tree. Tie the loose ends into a knot to secure inside the tree. String the star onto the top loop and knot several times to keep in place.


 Lastly, turn the tree upside down. Squeeze some glue into the tree. Turn the tree right side up and push the sections together before the glue sets, to form the tree.


Use the Stickles glue to highlight the printed design around the tree. Let dry.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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