Paracord Bracelet


8-10 feet*of Parachute cord (paracord) – your color choice
Paracord Buckle #30124624
*average length

Clear Tape
Sharp Scissors
Chain Nose Pliers





First, you need to figure out your bracelet length. Measure around your wrist and add an inch. This will be your bracelet length. TIP: Tape the ends of the cord to prevent unraveling while you are braiding.
Fold the 8-10 feet of paracord in half to find the center point. Attach the cording to one end of the buckle by looping it around. Fig. 1
Undo the buckle and turn it around with the wrong side facing up. Slip the ends of the cord onto the other side of the buckle. Have the cords coming out in the direction from the right side to the backside of the buckle. Fig. 2
Between the two ends of the buckle, leave enough cord to match the bracelet length you determined earlier. Fig. 3
Now, you will begin the knotting process. First take the left cord and place it under the two middle cords and on top of the cord on the right end.
Fig. 4 Bring the right cord up and across the top then through to knot. Fig. 5
Tighten the knot. Fig. 6
Now, take the right cord and place it under the two middle cords and on top of the cord on the left end. Fig. 7
Bring the left cord up and across the top then through to knot. Fig. 8
Tighten the knot. Fig. 9
Repeat these steps, alternating between the left and right cords until you reach the end of the bracelet. Fig. 10
To finish, use the chain nose pliers to help you slip the ends under the braided cord, weaving it under a few rows to secure. Trim the ends as close as possible. Fig. 11.
By weaving the ends of the cord, under the braids, you will be able to undo the bracelet in case you need to use the cord for an emergency.

Option: You can also burn the ends of the ends of the cord and as it melts, attach it to the braided cord.

Paracord bracelet facts:
The strong and useful parachute cord is made into bracelets and key lanyards so that you can have this useful cord with you in case of an emergency. The history of its uses comes from the military and everyday people have adopted this smart idea. Generally, each inch of the braided bracelet equals to about a foot of cord. There are many uses for this cord like making a tourniquet, docking a boat and of course, tying things together for a makeshift shelter. In other words, you might be able to use it in an emergency. All a person has to do is unravel their bracelet and they have this useful cord.



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