Pearls of Elegance


Beading wire 30033327
1 - 9in piece (bracelet)
2 - 5in pieces (earring)
4 Wire guardians 30093809
4 Crimp beads
1 Clasp 30071748
3 packs Rondells 30120908
1 Strand Fresh water pearls
1 pair Earring finding (Lever back)

 Tools Needed::
Wire cutter



Step 1: Take the 9in wire and string crimp bead.
Step 2: Open wire guardian and slide clasp into wire guardian.
Step 3: String wire through wire guard, close wire guardian and crimp bead.
Step 4: Crimp the bead.
Step 5: Start with a freshwater pearl then rondell, continue to do this until you reach your desired length Repeat step 1 through 4 to finish bracelet.


Step 1: For the loop, string 8 pearls and 7 rondels in an alternating pattern onto the wire (start and end with a pearl)
Step 2: Bring both ends of the wire together, string one rondel, one pearl and another rondel through both wires
Step 3: Slip on Crimp bead through both wires
Step 4: Open the wire guardian
Step 5: Slide through the lever back through wire guard
Step 6: String both wires through wire guardian
Step 7: Crimp bead shut



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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