Pencil Pinwheel



6" x 6" cardstock *
Pencil with eraser
Colored Bead head pin #7764 9426
2 - 6mm facet beads
Assorted rubberstamps and inkpads
Wire cutters

*Note: In place of the cardstock, you can glue to pieces of lighter weight paper together.


Lightly draw a diagonal line from each corner of the paper to the opposite corner, forming an "X". Measure " from the center point out on each of the four lines and mark this point. Cut along each line, stopping at that mark. You can erase the pencil marks if you desire.

Use the your rubberstamps to decorate both sides of the cardstock. Be creative and think about how your design might look when the pinwheel is spinning. Note: To assemble the pinwheel, younger children may need assistance from an adult.

Look at the square and see the triangles formed when you cut the slits. Take the right point of a triangle and bring to the middle of the square without creasing the cardstock. Take the Colored Ball head pin and pierce through the tip about " from the edge. Take the right point of the next triangle and repeat. Repeat with the last 2 triangles. The cardstock should resemble a pinwheel.

Pierce the head pin through the middle of the square. Place two 6mm facet beads onto the pin. Pierce the pin through the pencil eraser going all the way through. Test your pinwheel to see if it spins and adjust pin if necessary. Use the wire cutters to snip the excess of the pin off. Push the cut end of the pin into the eraser.

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