Peppermint Gallery Glass Jar




Instant Lead Lines 77568345         

Simulated Liquid Leading 77538645

Gallery Glass Window Color

          Berry Red 77536318 

          Snow White 77536110

          Crystal Clear 77538629

Glass Jar

Craft Knife


Tape (Masking, Removable, or Transparent)

Leading Blanks (77538488) or glass w/ masking tape on edges (optional)

Mini Craft Sticks or toothpicks (optional)




Borders: Use the leading lines to outline your border. Leave an inch of space between top and bottom lines to fill in later. If your lines overlap, trim with a sharp craft knife or scissors. You may also “solder” line joints with liquid leading. If so, let liquid leading dry before applying Gallery Glass.


Cut out patterns, but be sure to leave a margin around the outlines. You may do your design directly on the jar or create them separately on the leading blanks or taped glass. Tape your patterns inside jar or place under glass. You may use either the instant lead lines or simulated liquid leading for your patterns (for sample shown, we used lead lines with liquid leading as a solder). If you do decide to use the lead lines, be aware that sharp corners and curves may cause lines to lift and bend so trim pieces and piece together as needed.


Use Gallery Glass to paint in candies and borders. Pick one color to work with at a time. First “outline” your color, and then fill in (*note: The filled in portions of the pattern represent Berry Red, but you may fill in as desired). By working with one color at a time, it will allow the first color to set slightly and discourage too much overlap (unless you want a little blending to occur). If doing directly on jar, allow 8 hours to dry. Otherwise, let Gallery Glass “cure” for a few days before removing from glass or blanks.


Cover: Outline the top rim of jar cover with either lead lines or liquid leading, let dry if needed. Once set, use Berry Red to do a swirl through center. You can also do stripes, dots, etc… as desired. Fill in the rest with Snow White.


You can also get creative with your Gallery Glass by using a craft stick to swirl or mix paint for a marbled effect. You can also paint with Gallery Glass using a brush. Create a stippled effect by adding Crystal Clear to dots of color and using a wired texture tool. Have fun and experiment!


When the season is over, you may make more Gallery Glass designs to follow the season. Simply store your holiday designs on glass or blanks for the next year!

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