Photo Frame


1 qty. 8 ” x 11” Cardstock – your color choice

3 qty. 4” x 4” Double-sided Cardstock – assorted colors for Star Flowers

2 qty. 1 ”Wooden Mini Spring Clothespins #77676577

3 qty. Pop Up Glue Dots #300001511

Double Stick Tape #30013283


Note: This frame is for a 4” x 6” photo - landscape



Paper Trimmer #30017631

Paper Creaser #30003774 ( or scoring blade in trimmer)  




Take the 8 ” x 11” cardstock and trim it to a 7” x 11” size.


Take the remaining strip and cut into three pieces 1 ” x 2 ” each. Take the 7” x 11” piece and score it in the middle, forming a card. Now, measure in 1” from each bottom edge of the card and score straight across. (Refer to pattern.)


Now fold the scored lines inward at the 1” points. Equally space the 1 ” x 2 1/1” strips along the folded edge on one side. Adhere to the folded edge. Match the other 1” folded edge and adhere to the side. You should now have a triangular “tent” spaced 2 ” apart on the bottom. This is the frame’s base.


Punch out three Star Flowers from the double sided cardstock. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to fold into the Star Flower shape. Attach one of the flowers to the upper left hand corner of the frame’s base with a pop up glue dot. Attach each of the remaining flowers to a wooden mini spring clothespin with a pop up glue dot. Center a photo onto the frame’s base. Clip a flower clothespin to the left hand side of the frame and to the bottom right side of the frame, making sure you catch the photo. The flower clothespins will hold the photo in place.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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