Photo Ornament


1 qty. Clear Glass Disc Ornament* #30062538

1 qty. Medium Vellum Sheet #77188862

1 qty. Printable Transparency Sheet #30072922

Photo Images to place inside ornament Ribbon for bow

Optional: rub-ons, stickers or other embellishments for ornament


Note: You can also use this technique with the round ball ornaments #30048070; you may need to adjust the size or the transparency.



Pencil/Pen Printer (Inkjet or suggested by acetate manufacturer) Fiskars Circle Cutter #77941583

Cutting Mat #30069393

Long Craft Tweezers #30004175

Craft Stick


You can make a template for the transparency by placing the glass disc ornament on a piece of vellum and tracing the outer edge of the ornament. When tracing, include the “neck” of the ornament. This tab will keep the transparency in place later. Cut the vellum just slightly smaller than the traced line.


Remove the cap hanger of the ornament. Roll up the vellum and insert into the flat disc glass ornament with the neck tab on the top. (The size is approximately 3 ¼” diameter)  Make sure that it fits without buckling. Pull the vellum out and trim as needed to make it fit.


Print out your selected photos to see if you need to reduce or enlarge them to fit the templates. After all adjustments are made, print out your photos on to the transparency. Place the vellum template over the image on the transparency; making sure the neck tab is on the top of the image. Trace the outline of the template.


Cut out the photo just slightly inside the traced line. If the template is a standard size, you can use the Circle cutter to cut out the transparency, just leave an area on the top to cut out the neck tab. Roll up the transparency and insert into the glass ornament. The neck tab should sit inside the neck, keeping the photo in place. Use the tweezers and/or craft stick to uncurl the transparency. Place the cap hanger back onto the ornament.


Embellish the glass ornament as desired. You can also add embellishments to the transparency before slipping it in, just make sure that it is flexible enough to curl when the transparency is rolled up. You can also add “snow” glitter or confetti to the inside of the ornament.  


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