Pilgrim Pin



2 “ x 1” Flesh Felt

2” x ” White Felt

4” x 1” Brown Felt

1” x 3/8” Black Felt

3/8” x ” Yellow/Gold Felt

6” of Yarn for hair

2 – 7mm Moving Eyes

Low Temp Glue & Glue sticks

Pin Back


Trace and cut out pieces form felt according to the patterns.

Glue the two face pieces together. Glue the two moving eyes to the middle of the face.

Cut a 3” piece of yarn and set aside. Make a loopy bow with the rest of the yarn and use the 3” piece to tie in the middle. Cut apart loops. Glue the center knot to the top edge of the face for the hair. Trim excess yarn.

Take the two pieces of the hat and sandwich to the top edge of the face, letting the hair peek out over the eyes. Glue hat pieces together. Glue the black band across the middle of the hat. Cut a small square out of the yellow/gold rectangle and glue over the middle of the band for the “buckle”.

Find the center of the white felt strip. Glue the face onto the strip and wrap the edges to the front, creating a “collar” for the pilgrim. Glue the pin back behind.  

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