Pineapple Treat Basket



2 – 6” x 3” Yellow Cardstock

4 – 3” x 2” Green Cardstock

5mm Double stick tape or Tacky Glue

Black or Brown Marker


Straight edge or ruler

Optional: Decorator Chalks


Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns.

As indicated on the pattern, use the stylus and a straight edge to score the 2 bottom fold lines on the yellow pineapple pieces. Place the 2 pineapple pieces perpendicular on top of each other. There should be a pineapple on all four sides. Glue bottoms together. Take the 4 green pineapple crowns and cut the slits as indicated on the pattern. Position each crown on top of a pineapple and glue in place.

Use the stylus to crease all of the fold tabs on the pineapples as indicated on the pattern. Bring up each side and glue or tape the tabs to the inside. Match up the slits on the sides of the crowns and slip into the notches.

Use a black or brown marker to add detail lines to pineapple and crown. Optional: You can use the Decorator Chalks to shade the pineapple.

Fill your pineapple basket with treats!

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