Pink Flower Bead Bracelet


1) 2” flexible beading wire

2) Two crimp beads to fit the wire.

3) ”French bouillon wire covering (cut in two pieces)

4) One floral silver plated clasp

5) Four 5 or 6 mm pink Swarovski bicones

6) Five 4 mm pink fresh water pearls

7) One 3/8” lt. pink faceted glass heart bead

8) Four 6 mm lt. pink fresh water pearls

9) Two silver plated 10mm leaf beads

10) Two ” glass flower shaped beads

11) One 5/8” dark pink heart shaped bead

12) Four silver plated bead caps

13) Two lampworked floral beads ”- 5/8” long



1) bead crimper

2) wire cutter




1) Pass one end of the wire through one crimp bead, ” of French wire, the hole in the clasp and then back through the crimp bead.

2) Use the crimping tool to squash the crimp bead.

3) String the beads and caps onto the wire (consult the photo for order) covering the excess wire.

4) When the bracelet reaches the length you want (7 to 7-1/2” is average) string on the crimp bead and French wire cover, then go through the clasp toggle.

5) Pass the wire back through the crimp bead and some of the beads.

6) Pull the wire and then crimp the bead and cut off the excess wire.



1) Make sure that the wire can pass through the smallest bead hole. The wire has has to pass through the end beads twice. (Pearls have very small holes.)

2) The crimp bead size has to match the wire diameter or it will slip. (The crimp bead size needed is usually on the beading wire spool.

3) String smaller beads near the toggle end of the clasp so that they will fit through the clasp.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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