Playful Puppet

2 qty. 2 ” x 3 ” Felt for body
1 qty. 2” x 2” Felt for Tummy
1 qty. 1” x 4” Felt for Wings top layer
1 qty. 1” x 4” Felt for Wings, contrasting color
2 qty. 7mm Moving eyes #30055155
Felt scraps – orange/yellow for beak and hair, red/pink for cheeks
Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Low temp glue gun & glue stick


Diagram 1



Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.


Place tummy on the lower body and glue in place. Place eyes on head and glue in place.


From scrap felt, cut a small triangle for the beak and glue under the eyes.


Optional: Cut two small circles from red or pink felt and glue on the side of the beak for cheeks. Cut a tiny scrap and fringe cut. Glue to the top of the head.


Place the two body pieces together. Glue together around the edges, leaving the bottom open.


Glue the wings to the contrasting color piece of felt. Trim around, leaving a small outline of color. Place the wings on either side of the bird, just below the neck. Glue to the body.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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