Plumeria Pick



5 qty.   1 x 2 White Felt #77676635
5 qty.   4 of 26 gauge White cloth-covered wire #77479352
Green Floral Tape #77479402
Yellow or gold tone acrylic paint
Tacky Glue #77609875


Wire cutters
Thin Paintbrush


Trace and cut out five petals from the white felt according to the pattern.

Lay a white cloth-covered wire down the middle of the petal, starting from the mid-point of the petal. Use a little Tacky glue to adhere. Let dry.

Gather petals together and arrange into a fan formation, with one side of the petals overlapping the one next to it. Take the two end petals and carefully roll the petals together to form the flower bud. While holding all the petals together, begin to wrap together the bottom wire stems with the floral tape.

After the stems are wrapped, carefully pull each petal back to open the flower and shape.

Use a little yellow or gold acrylic paint and brush the center of the flower, lightly coming out onto each petal. Let dry.

Use your plumeria pick for your hair or wrap around a pen or pencil.


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