Pocket Poisey Planner


6 Ύ” x 6 Ό” solid cardstock (front cover)

8 ½” x 6 Ό” solid cardstock-contrasting color (back cover)

2 qty. 3 Ό” x 3” solid cardstock (large flower)

1 Ό” x 1 Ό” solid cardstock-contrasting color (small flower)

Ύ” x 3” solid cardstock (reinforcements)

6” x 5 ½” printed cardstock (front cover)

1” x 6 Ό” printed cardstock (front cover binding)

4-5 qty. 1 Ό” x 2” printed cardstock (index tabs)

4-5 qty. 6” x 6” printed cardstock (pages)

12” Fiskars Euro Paper Trimmer 30017631

Fiskars Paper Edgers-Scallop 77298513

Fiskars 1/8” Circle Hand Punch 77178541

Small magnetic clasps 30066935

Brads-Springtime large circles 30047027

5mm double stick tape 30013283

Gluestick 30033570

3 qty. 6” ribbon of choice


Supplies used for the sample: solid cardstock=Double Mates Spring Green 30056322 & Fairy Tale Pink 30056338, printed cardstock=Pocket Full of Posies 8” x 8” Stack, ribbon=1/4” organza-Royal




Front/back cover

Fold the 6 Ύ” x 6 Ό” solid cardstock 1” from the edge.  Adhere the 6” x 5 ½” printed cardstock with the double stick tape to the larger side of the fold, making sure to center it (should have a 1/8” border of the solid cardstock).  Adhere the 1” x 6 Ό” solid cardstock to the other side of the folded solid cardstock (this will be the binding).  Position the finished front cover of the book with the binding on the left side.  With the 1/8” hand punch, punch a hole in the center of the binding (measure 3 Ό” from the top/bottom of the binding).  Punch another hole 1 ½” above and below the center hole so that you will end up with 3 holes on the binding.  With the ½” circle lever punch, punch 3 holes out of the 3 Ό” x 3” solid cardstock.  Punch a 1/8” hole in the center of each ½” circle.  These will be the reinforcements.  Adhere the reinforcements with the gluestick over the holes of the front cover.  Take the 8 ½” x 6 Ό” solid cardstock (back cover) and line the 6 Ό” side up with the edge of the front cover’s binding edge.  Using the holes from the front cover, punch 3 holes into the back cover.  Set aside.



Fold each 1 Ό” x 2” printed cardstock (index tab) lengthwise.  Adhere a tab with double stick tape to one side of each 6” x 6” page, making sure the page goes in between the tab and that the tab sticks out about 3/8” from the edge of the page (line up all the pages for even placement of each tab).  The tabs should on the right ends of the pages.  Using the front or back cover as a guide, punch 3 holes in each of the pages on the opposite sides of the tabs (make sure to center the pages with the cover).  Take each of the 6” ribbons and tie a knot through each hole to bind the book together (front cover, pages, back cover).  Optional: make labels for the tabs with plain white cardstock slightly smaller than the tabs and embellishments with the small flower patterns with left-over solid cardstock.



With the Fiskars Paper Edger, trim the right edge of the back cover (it should be sticking out about 2” from the pages/front cover).  Fold the remaining edge over the front cover (it should overlap about 2” over the front cover).  Cut out the large flower pattern out of the 3 Ό” x 3” solid cardstocks.  Cut out the small flower pattern from the 1 Ό” x 1 Ό” solid cardstock.  Align and adhere the large flowers and small flower together with the gluestick, making sure to center the small flower on top of the large flowers.  This will be the closure.  Adhere the flower closure with double stick tape onto the folded part of the back cover so that it overlaps about halfway.  Adhere the magnet closures under the flower closure (make sure to use a positive and a negative magnet closure) and press the flower down onto the front cover.



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