Pom Pom Spider

Keiki Project


1 Black Pom Pom #3000 6988

1 Black Pom Pom #3000 6981

2 Black Chenille Stems #7766 9721

2 7mm Moving Eyes #7766 0837

3 of 1/8 ribbon for bow

Wire Cutters #7781 9151

Low Temp Glue Gun #7753 6417 & Glue Sticks #7753 3638


Optional: 12 dowel, elastic thread and sewing needle










Use the wire cutters to cut the chenille stems in half, creating four 6 stems. For each stem, bend in about on both ends and twist to secure to create the feet. Bend each stem into an M shape to create the four sets of legs.


Take all four legs together and twist together in the center. Glue this center to the 1 pom pom (body). Spread out the legs under the body.


Place the 1 pom pom on top of the body and glue in place for the head. Glue the two 7mm moving eyes onto the head. Tie a small bow with the ribbon and glue to the side of the neck.


Optional: If you want to make a bouncing spider toy, you can sew a length of thread through the body, secure with a knot and tie the other end to the wood dowel.


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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