Popsicle/Ice Cream Bar Card
By: Lisa Adams



Patterned paper







1. Choose an appropriate paper for the body of the bar and one for the raised accents. Consider color, size and direction of pattern (if any) to make it at least somewhat food like.

2. Take the template and mark & cut out the shape from the chosen paper for the body of the bar.

3. Take the same template, using the inside cut out section, and mark & cut out 2 raised accents. Remember to flip the template over when marking the second accent!

4. Apply dimensional adhesive dots to the backside of the accents, 1 at the top, center and bottom of each.

5. Using the template as a guide, apply the accents to the body of the bar.

6. Apply permanent adhesive to the top sides of the craft sticks down to approximately 1 ” from the bottom of the stick. Following sample adhere sticks to the back of the bar shape with 1” of stick showing.

7. Apply permanent adhesive to the backside of the craft sticks and adhere to card.

8. If you choose create a “banner” using your computer, stamps or hand writing, cut it out and apply at a diagonal over card, as shown on sample.

9. If you choose, create a little “envelope” for a gift card and attach it to the inside of the shirt with permanent adhesive. Or fill the inside of the card with all the pertinent information that a guest would need if intended as an invitation.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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