Postage Stamp Holder



Three blank matchboxes (Limited Edition)

Three or more faux postage stamps (Limited Edition postage stamp kit) or cancelled real postage stamps

8 ”x 11” white light-weight card stock

Assorted postal themed rubber stamps

Alphabet rubber stamps (Hero Arts) or sticker letters

Three Sazzy beads

Heiko double sided tape

527 cement glue



Tracing paper (optional)

Assorted ink pads (light aqua, olive green, coral, eggplant)

Xyron sticker machine


Using tracing paper copy pattern onto card stock or roughly cut out pattern and tape to cardstock then cut out on lines.

Stamp postal images in light aqua ink onto cardstock. Make faux postal stamps using Limited Edition postage stamp kit. Run faux stamps through Xyron sticker maker. Adhere faux postage stamps over stamped cardstock.

Print rubber stamp letters on the cardstock so that it will appear on the top and sides of holder and be readable from the front. Fold cardstock along the broken lines of pattern.

Join the three matchboxes together by putting Heiko tape between them and stacking (make sure that the drawers are all in the same direction). Put tape on the tabs of the back section of the cardstock (do not put any tape on the back section or the drawers will not open). 

After sticking the tabs to the stacked boxes, wrap the rest of the cardstock around the boxes and crease along the edges. When the cardstock is neatly wrapped around the boxes (some of the excess may have to be trimmed), tape it securely in place.

Glue the Sazzy beads in the center of each drawer and allow them to dry before using them as drawer pulls.

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