Cheryl's Pulley Card

1 qty. 5 ” x 11” Cardstock – for card base
2 qty. 3 ” x 3 ” Cardstock – for pull-outs
Plastic Bag
6” of ribbon for pull
Double-stick tape
Stamp Set – word sayings
Ink pad for stamping

Sharp scissors
Martha Stewart Score Board or similar
1” circle
1/4” hole punch



Cardstock - cut to this size - 5 1/2" x 11" - This is your card base.
On the long side (11") score at 3 3/8", 7", and 10 5/8"
Fold on score lines.
Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 3 1/4" x 3 1/2" - These are the pieces that you will stamp your words on. Punch a small hole on the top of one of the pieces on the 3 1/4" side for your ribbon.
On center panel, punch a half circle on the top edge - I use a 1" circle punch.
On the back side of the center, mark a little spot so you know this is the back.
Using a plastic bag, cut a strip that is 1" wide by 12" long
Your card base should have 3 score lines.
Place a piece of 2 way tape on the folded piece that is about 3/8" wide.
On the first panel (3 3/8"), wrap the plastic bag strip around it and attach with 2 way tape. Make sure it is not real tight.
On the piece that you stamped your word, the one you punched the hole, place this piece on the plastic strip making sure that the top part matches the top of the card base. Stamped word is facing up. Place 2 way tape on the bottom of this piece and attach to the plastic strip.
Turn your card base over and place the 2nd stamped piece - facing down to card base and line up the piece to match the bottom of the card base. Put 2 way tape on the top part of the stamped image and attach to plastic strip (stamped word facing down).
Fold card up and on the 3/8" folded piece, peel off the paper on the 2 way tape and attach to first folded piece. Make sure that the fold goes over the stamped word piece before pressing down. You're done and your card should be like a pulley when you pull the ribbon

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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