Pumpkin Pal




5” x 7” Orange Foamie #7761 3521

4” x 6” Orange Foamie #7761 3521

2 “ x 2 ” Brown Foamie #7761 3562

3 ” x 3” Green Foamie #7761 3570

2” x 2 ” Gray Foamie #7761 3471

” ” Black Foamie #7761 3620

2 – 5mm Moving eyes #7766 0811

12” Green Floral wire #22 gauge #7747 9337

Black Fine Tip Permanent Marker #7753 1954

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

4” of Magnet strip #7762 2829




Trace and cut out all the pieces from foamies according to the patterns. (Pattern 1 / Pattern 2)Make sure you cut out the center opening in the pumpkin front.


Use the black marker and outline the edges of all of the pieces as shown in the sample. Add detail lines as desired.


Place the brown stem on the center top of the pumpkin and glue in place. Arrange the leaves along one side of the pumpkin and glue in place.


Place the ears behind the mouse’s head and glue in place. Place the paws below the front of the mouse and glue in place. Punch a tiny nose out of the black foamie with the hole punch. Place the eyes and black nose onto the face and glue in place.


Position the backing behind the pumpkin. Carefully glue to the back of the pumpkin close to the edge, leaving the top open as indicated so you can slip a photo inside.


Curl the green floral wire around a pencil. Wrap the coiled wire around the stem of the pumpkin and along the sides. Tuck in the wire ends. Attach magnet strip behind the pumpkin.

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