Pumpkin Pot Chime



1” Clay Pot
Orange Acrylic paint
Foam Paintbrush
Three 10mm Jingle Bells
Black Fine Point Permanent Marker
2” x 1” Green Felt
24” of 1/8” green satin ribbon
Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks


Paint the clay pot with the orange acrylic paint. Let dry.

Cut the three pieces of ribbon 6” long. Tie one jingle bell to the end of each ribbon. Trim excess close to the knot. Gather the three ribbons and place the bells at different heights. Loop the loose ends into a knot, leaving about 1” loops. Trim excess ribbon close to the knot.

Turn the clay pot upside down. Pull all three loops through the pot’s hole, leaving the bells dangling inside the pot. Add glue to the hole to secure ribbon. Separate the three loops. Keep the middle loop as your hanger. Use a little glue to tack the side loops down. Take the remaining ribbon down, curling as you go along the sides of the pot for “vines.”

Cut two leaf shapes from the felt. Glue the leaves at the top of the pot, covering the knots. Use the black fine tip permanent marker to draw a jack ‘o lantern face on the pot.

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