Puppy Love Can


Tin Clear Pail #3005 7743

12” x 12” Cardstock – Red (pomegranate) #3004 1398

12” x 12” Printed Scrapbook Paper – Dog Bones #3005 1788

Velvet Paper – Charcoal #3000 4081

Mirror Paper – Silver #3002 0706

Karen Foster Cardstock Sticker – Pet Alpha #3005 1752

Karen Foster Cardstock Sticker – Love Dog #3005 2751

Karen Foster Gel Sticker Set – Dog Theme

Jolee’s 3-D Sticker – Spoiled #3006 6150

5/8” Puppy Love 2 Color Ribbon #3004 1722

Silver Circle Brads #3002 2336

Primary Circle Brads #3002 2331

18” Ball Chain – silver #3000 6029

½” Terrifically Tacky Tape #3000 9377

3” x 3 ½” Photo

Glossy Accents #3001 4904



Xyron 510 #3000 4151

Xyron Double-sided laminate #7757 7122

Paper Trimmer #3001 7631

X-acto Knife #7757 7122

Fiskars ShapeXpress #3000 5220

Fiskars Shape Template – Circle #7739 0583

Fiskars Craft Mat #7794 1575

Accu Cut machine and gift tag dies*

Ό” Hole Punch #7717 8558

Wire cutters

Note: sample used Accu Cut Dog Tag die.




Cut the red cardstock to a 3 Ό” x 12” strip. Cut the printed-paper to a 3” x 12” strip. Center the printed-paper on top of the cardstock, leaving a 1/8” border along the top and bottom edges, and adhere. Adhere the strip around the tin pail. (The strip will not go completely around the pail, so try to center the “gap” in between the handles). Cut two 12” pieces of ribbon and adhere to the top/bottom borders of the printed papers.


Cut another piece of red cardstock to a 3 Ό” x 3 Ύ” rectangle. Center the photo over the cardstock and adhere. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, laminate the matted photo with the Xyron 510 machine. Trim off the excess edges. Place the laminated photo over the “gap” of the printed paper/cardstock strip on the pail (photo should overlap about 1” over the ends of the strip going around the pail).


Using the X-acto knife, carefully make three slits about 1/8” along each vertical side of the photo, making sure to go through the pail itself as well. Insert a brad through each slit and separate the prongs so that the photo remains mounted onto the pail.

Place the stickers on the outside of the pail in any arrangement you wish.


Cut a 3” circle from the velvet paper with the Fiskars ShapeXpress and circle Shape template. Adhere to the can cover. Place a sticker on top of the velvet paper then apply Glossy Accents over the sticker. Let dry.


Using the Accu Cut Machine, cut out two gift tag dies from the silver mirror paper. Adhere the wrong sides together and embellish with stickers of choice and apply Glossy Accents over the stickers. Let dry. Cut the ball chain to a 2” length ad attach to the dog tag ad onto the pail handle. Fill the pail with doggy treats, small gifts, etc.




© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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