Purse Album


Paper mache album purse – 30122367
1 – 8”x8” foamie sheet – 77977413
1- 8”x8” acetate sheet – 30083688
Christmas Reindeer stamp - 30122256
2 – 4”x4” brown cardstock for deer – 30112159
1 – 4”x4” hot pink cardstock for sweater – 30116577
1 – 4”x4” baby pink cardstock for sweater – 30116586
1 – 8”x8” light blue cardstock for sky – 30112155
1 – 8”x8” silver glitter cardstock for snow – 30116117
1 – 8”x8” black glitter cardstock for frame - 30116128
Snow filler – 30121652
Plastic gem filler – 30112380
Snowflake buttons – 30044430

Brown ink pad – 30025161
” double stick tape – 30013284
Beacon 3 n 1 glue – 30100363




Using the album cover as a guide, with a pencil, trace the album on the blue cardstock, the silver cardstock, the black glitter cardstock, the foamie sheet, and the acetate piece. Cut out all pieces. For the foamie piece, make a frame about a inch wide by cutting out the middle of the piece. Do the same with the piece of black glitter cardstock to make a frame about an inch wide.

Cut the silver cardstock out to look like snowy hills and tape to the light blue cardstock. Tape the light blue cardstock to the front of the album.

Using the brown stamp pad, stamp the reindeer on both pieces of brown cardstock and pink cardstock. Cut the whole reindeer out of the brown pieces and the reindeer’s sweaters out of the pink pieces. Glue the pink sweaters to the reindeer. Glue the reindeer to the background. Glue the snowflake buttons to the background.
Tape the foamie frame to the edge of the album. Add in the filler snow and clear gems. Peel the blue protective coating from both sides of the acetate sheet. Tape the acetate sheet to the foamie frame and then tape the black glitter frame to the acetate so it covers the foamie piece.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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