Purse Card
By: Lisa Adams



Patterned paper







1. Choose a great printed paper for the body of your purse.

2. Place card in front of you with the fold at bottom and measure 1” in from each side along the top edge.

3. Following a straight edge mark & cut a line, from the 1” mark you just made at the top edge, to the bottom outside corner creating the angle of the purse.

4. Run permanent adhesive around edges on front of card and apply your choice of patterned paper (5”x 7”) to the front of the card and trim away excess, following the card’s new purse shape.

5. Using the template, mark & cut out the purse’s flap, then fold crisply on dotted line indicated on template.

6. Measure and cut a 12” length of ribbon, for handle, and attach it to the short end of the purse’s flap by punching a hole through ribbon and paper and inserting a brad through holes at either end of ribbon. Make it neat, because ribbon will show on outside of card.

7. Run permanent adhesive around inside edges and center of short end of flap (where the brads open up) and apply to the upper backside of the card, aligning the folded edge of flap with top of card.

8. Choose a style of decorative closure, as shown on samples, either square of paper or brad and flower. Attach square to flap with permanent adhesive or punch hole and use brad to attach flower.

9. Use repositionable adhesive on backside of flap, just at the tip, so card can be opened and closed without damage.

10. If you choose, create a little “envelope” for a gift card and attach it to the inside of the purse with permanent adhesive.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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