Race Car Favor Box



8” x11” Cardstock for car

2” x 2” White cardstock or vellum

3” x 3” Black Cardstock

Double-stick tape # 3001 3283

     or Tacky glue # 7760 9875

Cardstock scraps

Punches, markers, rubber stamps, etc. for decorating car

Accu-Cut Die cut of small Cake Slice

Low Temp Glue gun and glue sticks



Note: A small sun punch was used for the rims on the tires.


Using the Accu-Cut die cutting system, make a die cut of the small cake slice favor box. This will be the body of your car. Fold the box up to get an idea of what your car will look like, but do not adhere sides with glue. The car design is made by turning the box on its side so that it slopes downward in the front.

Use markers, rubberstamps, and etc. to decorate the your car. When you are happy with the design, refold the box and attach sides together with double stick tape or glue.

Trace and cut out tires from the black cardstock according to the patterns. Position the large rear tires towards the back of the car on either side. Glue tires on so that at least half of the tires are on the box. Position and glue the smaller front tires towards the front of the car. You can decorate the tires by using a punch like a sun, star or flower to make rims. Glue to the center of the tires.

Trace and cut out windshield from either white cardstock or vellum according to the pattern. Fold about 1/4” down of the straight side of the windshield piece. Glue the folded edge onto the top of the car about 2/3 from the nose of the car. This is the car’s windshield.

Open up box flaps and place candy inside for a treat and close flaps. Do not glue flaps.

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