Rainbow Luminaries


Clear Glass Canister with Lid (30134021)
3/16" Double Stick Tape (30013283)
1/4" Double Stick Tape (30013284)
7/16" Double Stick Tape (30013285)
3/4" Double Stick Tape (30080290)
Ultrafine Pumpkin Glitter(77322016)
Ultrafine Banana Glitter (77322289)
Extra fine Rouge Glitter (30128154)
Extra fine Eggplant Glitter (30128162)
Extra fine Sapphire Glitter (30128156)
Extra fine Evergreen Glitter (30128160)




1. Using Double Stick Tape of choice, design pattern on Canister.
2. Peel off protective covering of tape, apply Glitter.





2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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