Recycled CD Disk

Birthday Card

    We all have those CD disks that we no longer need but can’t throw away.  Here is a clever way to use them and give someone a unique card, too.  By attaching a half circle vellum pocket in the back you can even enclose some cash so the lucky recipient can buy some new music CDs!


1) One used CD disk with paper envelope

2) Class a’ Peel Happy Birthday multi-color metallic


3) Sticky back metallic paper (iridescent pink)

4) Decorative paper to cover the CD back

5) 1-3/8” sticker or photograph to punch out

6) Heiko tape or paper glue



1)  Scissors

2)  Marvy 1” splat paper punch

3)  Marvy 1-3/8” circle punch

4)  Pencil

5)  Xyron sticker maker (optional)



1)  Randomly place Happy Birthday stickers on shiny rainbow side of CD disk.

2)  Punch out splats from the pink metallic sticker paper.

3)  Stick down the splats between birthday stickers, cutting off parts if the splats overlap the CD edge.

4)  Punch out the photograph with the circle punch.

5)  Run the photo through the Xyron machine (or use the tape) and then attach it to the center of the disk front.  Replace the photo with a round sticker if you prefer.

6)  Use the CD to trace a circle on the decorative paper.

7)  Cut out the circle and glue or tape it to the back of the CD disk. 

8)  If there is any excess paper trim the edges and then write your personal message. 

2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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