Reindeer Jar


1 qty. Clamp Lid Jar ##30137809
1 qty. Felt – Cashmere Tan #77676767
1 qty. 3” x 3” Felt – Cocoa Brown #77677096
1 qty. Red Glitter Berry, Pom Pom or similar for nose
1 qty. Tinsel Stem – Gold #30055165
1 qty. Jingle Bell – 3/8” Gold #30055124
6” of 3/8” Red Sheer Satin- Edge Ribbon #30116715 Christmas Picks for embellishing
Fiberfil #77479709
Crochet thread – White #77525303
Doll Needle 3” #77334540
Sharp Scissors
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks




Trace and cut out the pieces from felt according to the patterns.
Thread the doll needle with the crochet thread, single thread. Take the 6” circle of felt and sew a running stitch about 1/4” from the edge. When you complete the circle, pull the ends of the crochet thread together to loosely close up the felt like a drawstring bag. Take some fiberfill and stuff inside the felt. Stuff until it is firm. Tie the ends of the crochet together to close. Sew a few stitches to close the hole. This is the reindeer’s head. Take the smaller felt circle and glue over the large felt closure.
Shape the felt head so that the sewn closure is on the back of the head. Place the head on top of the jar lid, with the jar closure mechanism at the back and hinge in the front center. Glue head to the jar lid.
Place the inner ears on top of the outer ears and glue in place. Place a dot of glue at the center of the straight edge of the ear and pinch together to shape the ears. Place the ears on top of the head and glue in place.
Place the two 15mm moving eyes on the head below the ears and glue in place. Glue the red berry below the eyes for the nose.
Cut the gold tinsel stem in half. Take each piece, bend and shape like branches for the antlers. Glue the antlers between the ears on top of the head. Cut apart a decorative pick or stem and glue pieces by the antlers and along the back of the head to hide the gathered closure.
Tie the sheer ribbon the hinge of the jar, and make a bow. Glue the jingle bell to the ribbon bow.
Fill jar with treats.




2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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