Reindeer Take-Out Box


1qty. Lg. Take-out box – Gold #30085174

2 qty. 20mm Moving Eyes #30055160

1 qty. ” Red Pom Pom #30006971

1 qty. 3” x 4” Walnut Brown Felt #30061434 for ears

2 qty. Red Chenille stem #77674051

2 qty. White Chenille Stem #77674382

1 qty. 12” length of Med. Brown 4-ply yarn #77640532

1 qty. 8” of ” ribbon for bow


NOTE: You can substitute small candy canes for the red & white chenille stems




Sharp Scissors

” Hole Pinch #77178558

Low temp glue Gun #77536425

Glue Sticks #77533638


Diagram 1




Fold the take out box closed. Mark a small dot about ” in on either side top flaps. Unfold the flaps and use the ” hole punch to make a hole at the markings. Close the flaps back and make a mark through the hole to the flaps underneath. Open up flaps and punch holes in bottom flaps. When you fold the box closed, the holes should align on either side.


Take one red and one white chenille stem and twist together to make a “candy cane” effect. Curl the tips in and shape into a candy cane. Repeat with the other chenille stems. Place the “candy Canes” into the two punched holes at the top of the box. These are the reindeer antlers.


Trace and cut our ears from felt using the pattern. Put a dot of glue at the center of the straight end of the ear and pinch the end together. Glue pinched end behind the antler on the top of the box. Repeat with the other ear.


Glue the two moving eyes to the front of the box. Glue the red pom pom below for the nose. Tie the ribbon in to a small bow and glue at the bottom of the box front.


Take the yarn and bunch together into 2” lengths. Use a small piece to tie in the bundle together at the center. Cut the loops apart and trim as necessary. Place on the top of the box over the front of the face. Glue to the top of the box.


Open up box to place treats inside.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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