Ribbon Angels


6” of 2 ” or 2” Wired Ribbon

12” of 1 ” Sheer Ribbon to match

25mm Shiny Glass Ornament or 1” Wooden Ball #7761 2960 or

1” Ball Knob #7761 3000

4” of ” of 1/8” Satin Ribbon

4” of Tinsel Stem silver #7766 1132 or gold #

” Pin Backs – silver #7712 6979 or gold #7740 3329

Thread and needle


Optional: Paintbrush

   Acrylic Paints – Black #7762 4890,

   Lisa Pink #7762 6507 and

   Flesh #7762 7257


Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks






Fold the 6” of wired ribbon in half lengthwise with the right sides together. About ” away from the raw edges, sew a running stitch across the ribbons through double thicknesses. Pull thread to gather and tie a secure knot to hold. Cut off excess thread and turn ribbon right side out.


Tie the sheer ribbon into a bow for the wings. Place the gathered wired ribbon on the center top of the wings and glue in place.


You have different options for the angel’s head. You can use a 1” wooden ball or ball knob and paint it with a flesh colored acrylic paint or leave it unfinished. For the wooden ball/ball knob, use the end of a paintbrush to paint dip dot eyes with black acrylic paint.


Use the end of the paintbrush to make dip dot hearts with the pink acrylic paint for cheeks. Let dry. Glue head onto the top of the ribbon and wings.


Or you can use a 25mm shiny glass ornament ball for the head. If you plan to make an ornament, glue the ornament with the cap in place on the top. For the pin, you can remove the cap and glue the ball upside down.


Tie a small bow with either ” or 1/8” satin ribbon and glue below the angel’s head.


Take the tinsel stem and twist into a circle for a halo. You can leave a little stem to glue to the back of the head so that the halo sits above the head.


If you are making a pin, glue the pin back behind the wings.

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