Ribbon Shopping Bag Money Card



1)  4”x 8-1/2” red card blank

2)  3-3/8”x 8-1/8” white cardstock

3)  6” gauze wire-edge holiday print ribbon (2-1/2”wide)

4)  4-1/2” green gauze ribbon with gold edge (7/16”wide)

5)  Fancy lower case alphabet rubber stamps (Acclaim)

6)  Brilliance ink pad (pearlescent ivy)

7)  ‘Tis the Season word ribbon (Making Memories)

8)  Terrifically Tacky Tape (1/4”)

9)  Glue dots

10)  Heiko tape


1)   Scissors



1)   Using the ivy ink stamp the word ‘shop’ nine time on the white cardstock.

2)   Fold the holiday ribbon in half then fold down and tuck in the edges.

3)   Tape the edges of the ribbon bag with the tacky tape.

4)   Attach the green gauze ribbon to the back of the ribbon bag with the glue dots.

5)   Use more tacky tape to adhere the ribbon bag to the stamped white cardstock.

6)   Tape down the white cardstock to the red card blank with Heiko tape.

7)   Cut out the words from the ribbon and attach them to the top of the ribbon bag with Terrifically Tacky Tape.



1)  Use rubber bands to group the letter stamps together so the word ‘shop’ can printed more easily.

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