Ribbon Slide Heart Bracelet


14 - Metal Heart Ribbon Slides by All My Memories

20 6mm Silver Jump rings #3000 5968

18 1 Head Pins #3000 5974

Assorted small beads for the dangles

Toggle closure, your choice



Round Nose pliers #3002 4250

Chain Nose pliers #3002 4247

Flush Cutter #3005 6206



Wire Wrapping skills is needed for this project.

The AMM Ribbon slides have different words engraved on them. You can use just one word or a variety. The number used may vary according to your wrist size.





Making the Heart Links -

Line up seven ribbon slides in front of you. If you are using more than one word, line them up in the order you prefer. Next, line up the remaining seven in the same manner right below. Pair the top and bottom hearts together and place them back to back. Join a pair of hearts together by placing a jump ring through the holes on both sides. Repeat for all of the pairs. Set aside.


Making the dangles -

Place a bead or two onto the head pin. Begin to make a wire wrap loop on the head pin. Before finishing the wrap, slip the dangle on to an empty jump ring. Altogether, make about three dangles, in varying lengths, for the jump ring. Prepare six jump rings with dangles.


Making the bracelet -

Slip the jump ring with the dangles on to the existing jump rings on the ends of two heart links, joining the hearts together. Continue with the remaining dangles and heart links until the bracelet is completely connected.



Add a jump ring to both ends of the bracelet. Attach the toggle closure to the ends of the bracelet.


2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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