Ribbon Spool Keepsake Mini Album

By Joy Shimabukuro


Empty Spool ‘O Ribbon spool

10" of 3/8" ribbon

12" x 12" Printed Paper for covers and embellishing

3 – 5/8" x 10" Coordinating Printed Paper for rim

2 – 3" circles of Cardstock – coordinating color for inner covers

12" x 12" Cardstock – coordinating color A

12" x 12" Cardstock – coordinating color B

Fiskars Circle cutter #7794 1583

Paper trimmer#3001 1732

Cutting Mat #7794 1575

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

Adhesive #3001 3283






Preparing the Spool:

Carefully pull the sides off of the empty ribbon spool, one at a time. You should have two

cardboard circles and one thick cardboard ring.


Using the circle cutter cut two 4" circles from the printed scrapbook paper. Place the circles

in front of you with the printed side down. Center the ribbon spool cardboard circles on top

and trace the edge lightly with a pencil. Remove the cardboard circles. With a scissors, make

snips about 1/4" apart completely around the paper circles, stopping at the pencil line. Spread

a thin layer of tacky glue onto the snipped edge. Place the cardboard circles back and carefully

fold over the snips and adhere to the circles to make the outside covers. Next, center the 3"

circles over and adhere for the inner cover.


Take one of the 5/8" x 10" strips of printed-paper. Wrap the strip along one edge of the cardboard

ring from the ribbon spool, folding half over to the inside of the ring. Glue in place. This is the

top edge of the ring. Place the second strip along the inside wall of the ring, matching up the

edges along the top and bottom. Glue in place. Take the last strip and wrap around the outside

of the ring and glue in place.


Center the ring onto the inside of one of the covers. Place a thing layer of glue on the uncovered

edge of the ring and glue to the inside cover. Let dry.



Making the pages-

Use the circle cutter to cut out seven 2 7/8" circles from cardstock A and seven 2 7/8" from

cardstock B. Line up seven circles, starting with color A and alternating the colors. Leave about 1/8”

space in between them. Cut six pieces of the 3/8" ribbon into 1" lengths. Center each ribbon between

the circles and glue in place, linking the circles together. Place an opposite color circle on top of the

circles, except for the first and last ones. Match the edges and glue in place, sandwiching the ribbon

pieces. You should still have alternating colors for the circles.


Flip the linked circles over. Cut a piece of the 3/8" ribbon 2 1/2" long.  Place 1/2" on the last circle and

glue in place like the other links, leaving the 2" tail. Leaving about 1 1/2" of ribbon between, place

another circle next and glue the remaining 1/2" of ribbon on. Flip over the linked cardstock circles. Place

the last circle with the ribbon side down inside of the rimmed cover. Glue in place. The extra length of

ribbon is needed between the last circles to let the pages come out of the spool. Center the first circle

with the ribbon side down onto the inside flat cover. Glue in place.


Decorate the circle pages as desired on both sides. Place circles back into the spool and close top cover.

Decorate the top cover.


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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