Ribbon Tree


10 yards 1-1/2 inches wide wire-edged ribbon
9” Styrofoam cone - #77603431
Christmas ornament/star for the tree top
Dressmaker straight pins - #77651430

Low temp glue gun & glue sticks



Cut ribbon to 7” lengths (do not cut all your ribbon, cut about 10-12 lengths as you go around the cone). Fold a length of ribbon in half with the cut edges together, creating a loop. Starting about an inch from the bottom of the cone, pin the cut edges.
Fold another ribbon loop, slightly overlapping the first loop, pin the cut edges. Continue pinning loops around the bottom of the cone.
About an inch above the first ribbon layer, pin additional loops around. Continue with additional layers about an inch apart to the top of the cone. You will have about 6-8 layers.
For the top, cut an 8” ribbon length. Fold to have the cut edges meet in the middle. Pin the center to cover the top of the cone. Embellish the top of the tree with a bow, star or other ornament. Attach using more pins or a glue gun.


*There are several variations of the ribbon tree. Ribbon can be cut to different lengths for each layer. One variation: first layer- 8” loops, second & third layer – 7” loops, fourth & fifth layers, 6” loops, sixth layer – 5” loops, seventh layer – 4” or 5” loops. Shorter/taller cones and using other ribbon widths create different variations as well. Embellish and create your own unique tree.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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