Hearty® Rose 2
  • Hearty® Air Dry clay - Any Color
  • Hearty® Air Dry clay - Dark Green (Item #1612)
  • Crafty Foam (Item #CF1605)
  • 18 Gauge Floral Wire
  • Leaf Mold I (Item #1582)


  • Color Scale (Item #1577)
  • Cling Wrap or Resealable Plastic Bag




To make the petals, create a teardrop.

Mix clay to desired color.  Insert floral wire into foam cone. Apply a steady pressure and spread across your palm in a fan shape.  Make 5 petals
Place the first petal on the foam cone 1/8" above the tip of the foam with thin edge of clay petal facing up. Attach the second petal slightly higher than the first petal. Place the rest of the rose petals to form a rosebud.

Continue to make more petals and add it to the rose.

Roll clay into a tear drop shape and slightly flatten.  Place on leaf mold and flatten. Attach leaves to the rose.

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