Sakura Scrubbies


6 yd. nylon net – Master color
6 yd. nylon net – Contrasting color (Dark and light pinks were used for the model)
Size J or K crochet hook
Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
Optional – Needle and thread to match contrasting color net



Cut nylon net into lengthwise strips each 3” wide (You will have a total of 24 strips each 6-yd. long and 3” wide). If you prefer a stiffer scrubbie, cut the net into strips 4” wide.


Make a beginning ring with the main color net
Ch 4, slip stitch into first stitch to form a ring.


Round 1
Ch 4 (count as first dc, now and throughout), then 19 dc in ring for a total of 20 dc, slip stitch to close and bind off.



Attach contrasting color to the center piece.
Sc, dc in first stitch
2 dc in next stitch
dc, sc in next stitch
slip stitch in next stitch (petal completed)
Repeat 4 more times and bind off.


Center Variation
1. Ch 5, slip stitch to form a ring.
2. 2. Ch 4 (count as first dc), 3 dc in first stitch.
3. 3. 4 dc in each remaining stitch. (You will have a total of 20 dc.) Slip stitch together and bind off. Optional – Use a small piece of the contrasting net and whipstitch into the circle for added interest.
4. Work the petals as for the original version.


Note: Hide your net ends by crocheting over them to secure. You can also weave the ends into your work to keep them from becoming loose. You might want to take a few stitches with needle and thread as extra insurance.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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