"Santa and Me" Scrapbook Page
This project courtesy of Fiskars.




Fiskars Holly Border Punch

Fiskars 3 in 1 Corner Punch - Leaves

Fiskars Hand Punch - ⅛" Circle

Fiskars Photo Corner Punch - Majestic

Fiskars 12"/30cm Euro Personal Paper Trimmer

Cardstock - Maroon, Sage

Patterned paper – holly print, holly stripe print

Alphabet stickers

Adhesive (Hermafix or tape runner, etc.)

Maroon journaling pen



Cut a piece of maroon cardstock to measure 5" x 12". Punch along one long edge using holly border punch. Adhere this piece to sage cardstock. Tear sage cardstock along holly border punch, leaving approximately a " border. Adhere these layers to right side of patterned holly print background piece.

Cut two 2" squares from sage cardstock. Punch 2 opposite corners of each square using leaves punch, and punch the remaining opposite 2 corners with majestic photo corner punch.

Cut a strip of holly stripe print paper to measure 12" x 7/8".

Slip strip of holly print into slits made when square pieces of sage cardstock were punched with majestic punch.

Punch 12 red dots using circle hand punch. Adhere three of these dots near each set of leaves punched in 2" square corners. Adhere squares and strip to center of maroon piece of cardstock adhered to background paper.

Trim photos to desired size. For each photo, mount photo onto sage cardstock and trim, leaving approximately " border around photo. Punch each corner of sage cardstock photo mat using leaves corner punch. Punch maroon dots and adhere 3 dots in each corner near leaf punches.

Cut a piece of sage cardstock to measure 6" x 1". Apply alphabet stickers to this piece to spell “Santa & Me". Mount this piece onto maroon cardstock and trim maroon cardstock to leave a 1/8" border.

Cut a piece of sage cardstock to measure 2" x 1". Punch one corner of sage cardstock. Punch and adhere 3 maroon dots near leaf punches. Journal date and time on this piece using maroon pen.

Adhere all pieces to background piece.

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