Scarecrow Pin



3” x 3” Felt, shirt color

3” x 3” Felt, hat color

2” x 2” Felt, gloves color

3” x 1” Felt, flesh color

1” x 1” Felt, red

Felt Scraps for patches

Craft Stick

2 – 7mm Moving eyes


Fine tip Permanent black marker

Pin Back

Low temp Glue Gun & glue sticks

Craft Knife


Take the craft knife and cut the craft stick in half. Overlap the cut ends of the craft stick and glue together. The stick should end up being 3” long. Trace and cut the pieces out of felt according to the patterns.

Take each pair of gloves and place on each end of the craft stick. Glue the gloves together, sandwiching the craft stick in between. Cut small pieces of raffia and glue to the cuff of the gloves. Place the shirt piece over the craft stick and glue edges together. Make sure the shirt reaches the glove cuffs. Tie some raffia around the waist of the shirt like a belt. Glue some pieces of raffia around the middle top of the shirt (neck).

Glue the two face pieces together. Glue to the top of the shirt. Glue the two moving eyes to the face. Draw a smile on the face with the black marker. Glue a small red heart at each end of the smile. Glue some strand of raffia around the face for hair.

Place the two hat pieces above the face and glue together, sandwiching the face. Cut scraps of felt into patches and glue to the hat and shirt, adding raffia if you like. Glue the pin back to the back of the scarecrow.  

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