Scented Bear and Wreath Ornaments



Brown Hearty Clay

Cinnamon powder

Bamboo skewer

Wired coral leaf garland (Gerson)

Miniature candy cane (Darice)

6mm gold jingle bells (Gerson)

Black seed beads

Miniature Santa hat (Darice)

12 inches of ” plaid or holiday ribbon (Offray)

White glue (Aleene’s)

FabriTac (Beacon Adhesives)

Cinnamon or clove scented essential oil (soap or candle dept.)     


Directions for the Bear

Form the bear body from a 1” ball of clay and add teardrop pieces for the limbs. Make a bear head from a 1” ball of clay, adding a small ball for the muzzle and smaller flattened balls for the ears. Use the skewer end to impress the ears and make a depression for the mouth.

Press two black seed beads into the bear head for eyes and one for the nose.

Cut the bamboo skewer to an appropriate length and insert it into the bear body. Attach the bear head onto the skewer and apply a little white glue to the joint.

While the clay is still moist, sprinkle on the cinnamon powder.

Once the bear is dry, glue on the hat, candy cane, and a small wreath (made from the garland). If desired, apply some scented oil to the bottom of the bear.

Directions for the Wreath

Form a 2” doughnut from the clay. Dust the wreath with cinnamon powder.

After the clay is dry, glue on the garland and bells with the FabriTac. Tie on the ribbon to make a bow at the top of the wreath.

For more aroma, apply scented oil to the back of the wreath.

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