Sealed with a Kiss Bag & Album


12”x 12” Cardstock – doubled sided print

Double Stick Tape#3001 3283

1” of Sticky Back Velcro #7753 5021

Optional - embellishments


For mini album you will also need:

12” x 12” cardstock for pages



Paper Trimmer #3001 7631

Paper Creaser #3000 3774




Use the paper trimmer to cut the 12” x 12” double sided printed cardstock to an 11 ¾” x 11 ¾” size. Follow the diagrams to fold the cardstock into the basic bag shape.





For the Bag –

Click here for the diagram

Adhere the side four triangle flaps to the inside front and back panels of the bag. Fold over the top triangles to the outside for a contrast flap. Optional: You can add handles to the bag by punching holes in the side panels and tying some ribbon end to end.

For the Mini Album -

With the cardstock folded into the bag shape, adhere the two side triangle flaps to the inside of the back panel. Do not tape the two side triangle flaps to the inside of the front panel. This will allow the front of the bag to open out like a drawbridge. Cut the 12” x 12” cardstock for the pages into three 4” x 12” strips. Use the paper creaser to accordion fold the strips into thirds. Place the strips together, overlapping ends to join, keeping the accordion folds in place. Use double stick tape to join the pieces together. Fold up the album pages and place inside the open “bag”. Adhere one of the end pages to the back of the bag, allowing the pages to unfold when the bag is opened. Decorate your pages. Fold the bag up with the pages inside. Fold the back flap over the top to the front. Adhere the sticky back Velcro under the flaps to keep the bag closed.


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