Seaside Cylinder Vase



10" Cylinder glass vase # 7736 7516

Hanging Votive # 7798 1795

White Sand - 1 lb. bag # 7766 0001

Assorted Mini Sea Shells # 7744 6328

Tree Fern - Celadon # 7725 5331

Optional: Glass plate


Wash and completely dry the cylinder vase.

Carefully cut open the bag of white sand. Pour about half of the bag into the vase. Dust excess sand off of the sides of the vase. Tilt the vase a little to move the sand so that it isn't just leveled flat, giving it more dimension.

Carefully pick out some shells. Carefully place the shells in the sand. Lay some flat and stand some up. Arrange as desired.

Break off some small pieces from the tree fern bunch. Stick the pieces into the sand in and around the shells. Place the hanging votive in the vase and adjust the height of the branches if necessary.

Optional: You can place the vase on a small glass plate. Sprinkle sand and shells around the bottom of the vase. Add some branches of the tree fern.

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