Seaside Cylinder Vase




Hanging Votive Set – Pilaster #3002 9993


etchall Glass Etching Creme#3000 5489


Detail Pick Tool #3000 5495


Squeegee #3000 5494


Laua’e Fern 2” Tropical Etch Stencils #3002 7296


Shell Honu 2” Tropical Etch Stencils #3002 7302


Masking Tape


3 bags of Crystal Teal Flat Marbles #7776 5974 or blue/green colors


Crystal Clear Flat Marbles #7776 5917


Green Dried Floral – ferns, etc.


3 – White Votive Candles



Wash and completely dry the 3 vases and hanging votives before you begin the project. Set aside the hanging votives for now.

Following the manufacturer’s directions, create a glass etch design on the 3 vases using the Tropical Etch stencils and etchall creme. Because the vase is curved, use the masking tape to create barrier walls around the stencil when the crème is sitting in the design.

You can glass etch as much or as little as you want on the vases. For the sample shown, the 2” shell honu and laua’e fern designs were used. The tallest vase has five shell honu placed around the vase and three laua’e fern along the bottom of the vase. The medium vase has three shell honu around the vase and two laua’e fern along the bottom. The shortest vase just has two laua’e fern along the bottom. It is easier to work on the placement of the designs if you group the vases together so you can see how each design will relate to each other after the etching is done.

 After the vases are etched it is time for the finishing touches. Group the vases together. Place the teal flat marbles on the bottom of the vases. Break off small stems of dried greenery and place in the marbles to represent seaweed. Replace the hanging votives into the vases. Add the crystal flat marbles and the white votive candles. Set in the center of the table for all to enjoy.

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