Serpentine Bracelet


2 colors of Ball Chain
2mm Leather Cord
Crimp End in Gold or Silver
-12mm Crimp End if you are doing the box serpentine
10mm Crimp End if you are doing the original serpentine
Jump Rings
S Lon Bead Cord

Additional Tools Needed:
Chain Nose Pliers
Thread Snipper or Scissors
Mighty Crimper Tool

Optional Helpful Hint: Use tape or a bandage to cover the first joint of your pinky finger of your dominant hand. This is to prevent rope burn when wrapping with the thread.





For the Original Serpentine:
Determine the length of your bracelet. Measure the leather cord accordingly and cut.
Take 3 feet of S Lon Thread for a standard bracelet. Remember how much gets left over, so you can adjust your length next time.
Tie a knot with one end of the thread into the crimp end and slip onto one end of the cord then tighten.
Slip the end with some of the thread into the crimp end and squeeze the crimp end to secure with either the mighty crimper or with the chain nose pliers.
Tie a loose knot right next to the crimp end on the cord and slip in the ends of the two ball chains then tighten the knot.
Hold the chain and cords in your non-dominant hand (they should look like the cord is sandwiched between the ball chains) and using your dominant hand, wrap the S Lon thread around the chains.
With each wrap you want to move step by step progressively down the ball chains while keeping the wraps in the gaps between the balls on the chain. Also with each wrap you want to give the thread a good tug to make the wraps nice and tight. Besides ensuring that the thread remains wrapped while wearing the bracelet, it also helps with the twisting of the serpentine.
You will notice after a few inches of wrapping that the bracelet will naturally start to twist.
Every few inches of wrapping, double-check your line to ensure that you didn’t skip any gaps.
After reaching the length you need, tie a knot around the last wrap and trim the ball chain.
Tie another knot around the cord only, slip the thread over the end of the leather cord so that you can use the cord to push the thread into the back of the crimp end.
Secure the crimp end and trim off the end of the thread.
Attach your clasp with jump rings.

**For the box serpentine you will repeat everything except you need two lengths of leather cord and you need to use a 12mm crimp end.

The box serpentine will not twist as much and the twist will be barely noticeable when wearing the bracelet.



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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