Shaker Ice Cube Ornament / Gift Tag


If you like snow globes, you will surely enjoy making these ornament/tag using stickers and Flower Soft. Martha Stewart transparent border stickers fit nicely in the acrylic box and using Hearty Clay behind the snowman gives him dimension. A gift tag like this will add charm to simple wrapping and the recipient can hang the shaker ornament on the tree after opening the gift.

2” acrylic box
Approx. 2”square of two- sided printed paper
Martha Stewart transparent border stickers with snowmen
Flower Soft (white)
MS snow glitter
Hearty Clay (white)
Mini holly garland (Darice)
Approx. 12” of striped grossgrain 3/8” ribbon
Fabri-Tac glue





1) Place small flattened balls of Hearty Clay behind snowman sticker.
2) Trim the printed paper to fit inside the box.
3) Glue down the corners of the paper.
4) Trim the ‘Let It Snow ‘ sticker to fit the outside of the box and adhere.
5) Place the tree sticker in the background.
6) When the Hearty Clay is dry, glue the snowman into the box.
7) Add some Flower Soft and glitter to the box before closing.
8) Adhere a snowflake sticker to the front of the box.
9) Starting at the center top of the box, glue the ribbon down the center of the box sides, covering the seam.
10) When the ribbon reaches the top center form a loop and glue the end down.
11) Wind some of the mini holly garland around the loop and glue it in place.


Tips: You can form some multicolored pipecleaner into a cap and glue it onto the snowman sticker without a hat. Add a miniature bell to the tip of the cap. If you use the blue sticker paper in the package for the background, you will need to glue a paper to the back of the tag so the sticky back doesn’t show. This second paper will be good for writing on the tag. If you use the double-sided paper inside the tag then you can write on the tag with a marker for slick surfaces.



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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