Shirt & Tie Card
By: Lisa Adams



Patterned paper







1. Choose your 5”x 7” patterned paper for the body of the shirt (if you are not going to use the White of the card) and then papers for tie and collar points.

2. Have fun with this, mix and match colors and patterns just as you would in real life, but make sure that it would be something that the recipient would not be embarrassed to wear in real life!

3. Run permanent adhesive around the edges of the front of the card and then apply your choice of patterned shirt paper to card. Skip this step if you are using the White of the card.

4. Take the tie body and knot templates then mark & cut them out of your choice of papers. Remember that the pattern on the knot (when tied for real) is usually perpendicular to that of the tie.

5. Lightly mark the vertical center of the card then apply your permanent adhesive to the backside of the tie body, center and adhere it to card.

6. On the backside of knot apply permanent adhesive to bottom and 3 stacks (of 2 dimensional adhesive dots each) to the top edge of the knot and a single dimensional dot to the center of knot. This will raise the knot up for that unique “tied” look. Align top edge of knot with top of card, center and apply over body of tie.

7. Take the collar tip template and mark & cut 2 from your choice of paper, apply permanent adhesive on backsides of pieces then align the long edge (2 ”) of collar tip with the top of card. The inside edges of the collar tips will overlap the knot of tie.

8. Now is the time to add embellishments if you wish, like glue on small button to the collar tips or add a brad for a tie tack. For tie tack measure up 1” from bottom of tie body, punch hole and insert brad.

9. If you choose, create a little “envelope” for a gift card and attach it to the inside of the shirt with permanent adhesive.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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