Shrink Art Bracelet



Clear Shrink Plastic

Sandpaper # 7771 2463

1/8” Hole Punch # 7717 8541

Staz-On Black ink pad # 3000 9087

Staz-On Cleaner # 3001 1438

Colored Pencils # 7776 8382

Gold 7” Bracelet # 3000 2989

Gold 1” Head Pins # 3000 5973

Gold 6mm jump rings # 3000 5967

Glass Mini Mix beads- summer mix # 3000 2874

Sazzy Heart 8mm Beads # 3000 2695

Heat It Tool # 3000 3773 or oven

Assorted rubber stamps

Optional: Clear acrylic varnish

Note: The rubberstamps used in the sample are the small bear series from Darcie’s Stamps.


Prepare the shrink art plastic by scuffing the surface with the sandpaper. This will allow the shrink plastic to absorb more of the inks and other mediums. Use the sandpaper on both sides. Wipe off the dust with a paper towel.

Choose your stamps and remember that they shrink to about 45% of the original size. Ink your stamps with the black Staz-on ink. Carefully stamp design onto the shrink plastic. Let dry, blotting with a paper towel if necessary. Stamp at least 6-8 pieces. Color in design with the colored pencils. For a more vibrant look, color both sides of the design.

Carefully cut out the design from the shrink plastic sheet, leaving a border of about 1/8” around the design. Leave a larger space at the top of the design to punch the hole in it. Use the 1/8” hole punch to make a hole at the top of the design.

Shrink the plastic following the manufacturer’s directions. You can pace the pieces in an oven or use the Heat-it embossing gun tool. If using the Heat-it tool, use a skewer or chopstick to help hold the piece down while shrinking. Optional: Brush on a coat of clear acrylic varnish onto the colored shrink plastic charms. Let dry.

After you shrink all of your pieces, it is time to assemble your bracelet. Lay the bracelet down and place the shrink plastic pieces along the links, evenly spaced. Slip jump rings onto the hole of each shrink plastic charm and attach to the bracelet links.

Add beads in between the shrink plastic charms. Place a small glass bead onto a head pin. Next place a Sazzy heart bead and then another small glass bead. Use the jewelry pliers to form a loop at the top of the bead stack and attach to the bracelet links. Cut off excess wire from the head pin. Add as many bead dangles onto your bracelet as you desire.

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