Silly Glasses Scrapbook Page
This project is courtesy of Fiskars®.



Fiskars® ShapeCutter Tool

Fiskars® ShapeTemplate Tool - Circles-1 with Scallop Border

Fiskars® Self-Healing Craft Mat 12½" x 12½"

Fiskars®  Hand Punch - 1/8" Circle

Fiskars®  Ripple Paper Edger

Fiskars®  Corkscrew Paper Edgers

Plaid scrapbook background paper

Cardstocks - light aqua, lilac, purple, black

Vellum - scraps of lilac

Alphabet stickers

Eyelets - 11 lilac

Eyelet applicator tool


Sticky foam pop dots

Black writing pen

Glue stick


Trim photos to desired sizes. For each photo, mount to aqua cardstock using photo stickers. Trim around photo leaving a 1/8" border around photo. Mount photo onto lilac cardstock using photo stickers. Trim lilac cardstock around photo leaving a º" border around photo. Mount onto purple cardstock using photo stickers. Trim each photo using different paper edger of your choice, or same edger for each photo if you choose.

Using the ShapeCutter with the ShapeTemplate and craft mat, cut two 3" black circles. Cut a 2" circle shape out of the center of each 3" circle. NOTE: for easier cutting, tape circle onto template before attempting to cut center circle out.

Also cut two 2½" circles from aqua cardstock. Using glue stick, adhere aqua circles behind each black circle so aqua shows through hole in center of each black circle.

Cut a small strip of black cardstock to measure ¾" x 1". Assemble glasses using photo stickers by connecting two large black circles with small strip between, resembling glasses.

Tear a strip of vellum to measure approximately 1½" x 12" (this may need to be pieced).

Using the ShapeCutter with the ShapeTemplate and craft mat, cut seven 1½" circles from aqua cardstock. Using the hand punch, punch one hole near edge of each circle. Insert eyelet into hole. Flip circle over onto craft mat. Insert eyelet tool into backside of eyelet. Gently tap 2 - 3 times with hammer until back of eyelet begins to curl over. Set eyelet applicator tool aside and tap 1 - 2 more times onto back of eyelet to finish. Repeat for remaining circles.

On front side of each circle, apply alphabet stickers to spell the word "glasses".

Using photo stickers, adhere vellum strip across top of background paper, approximately 2" from top.

Using foam pop dots, adhere letter circles across vellum strip.

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