Simple Card




8 x 8 ” White Copy paper

4” x 5” White Cardstock

4 ” x 5 ” Cardstock for card

Assorted Rubber stamps and inks


Double stick tape#3001 3283

Bone Folder #3000 3774


Optional: Pop Up Dots #3000 1511, scraps of white cardstock


Click here for Simple Card Folding Instructions



Using the bone folder to make a nice crease, fold the 4 ” x 5 ” cardstock in half to make the card base.


Follow the diagrams to fold the 8 ” x 8 ” copy paper. Remember to crease well. This to make the insert for the inside of the card. Unfold copy paper and stamp design all over the paper. A suggested design would be to place the message towards the middle and have designs surrounding. Refold paper with the stamped design inside and place strips of double stick tape around the edges on both sides.


Position the insert in the center of the inside of the card so that the point touches the centerfold. Peel the protective strips off the tape on the upper side of the insert. Tape to the upper inside of the card.  Remove the protective strips from the bottom of the insert and tape to the lower inside of the card. When the card is opened, the paper insert will “explode” with the stamped design.


Stamp the 4” x 5” white cardstock with a coordinating design. Center on the front of the card and use double stick tape to adhere.


Optional: You can make little cutouts of stamped designs and adhere with pop up dots to create more dimensions on your card.



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