Slide Mount Tag



1 – 2 Plastic Slide Mounts

11” x 5” Cardstock for card, coordinating color

4” x 2⅛” Tag for pattern #3000 5438

3” x 5” Cardstock- color choice

3” x 5” Cardstock – coordinating color

3” x 5” Printed paper

Memory Mates embellishments

E-6000 Glue #7753 6409

12” of Specialty yarn or fibers for trim

Double stick tape #3001 3283

” Hole Punch #7717 8558

Small photo – approx. 1” x 2 5/8”

Note: The sample was made using black and red cardstock. The printed paper was made on the computer by printing out on paper. Metallic Red #3002 4555 and Bronze #3002 4557 Slide mounts with “Boyfriend” Memory Mates#3001 1800.


Trace printed paper to the size of the tag and cut out. Center and adhere to one of the colored cardstocks. Trim the cardstock leaving a ⅛” border all around. Center and adhere piece to the second cardstock color. Trim the cardstock leaving a ⅛” border all around.

Center and place the tag over. Mark the hole and use hole punch to make a hole through all thicknesses. Set aside.

Place photo behind slide mount, tape in place if necessary.  Arrange Memory Mate decorations on the top of the slide mount frame. Adhere to frame using E-6000 glue. Optional: you can snap another slide mount to the back to complete the frame. Position decorated slide mount onto the tag and adhere with double stick tape.

Thread yarn fibers through the tag’s hole and tie in a loopy bow. Position tag at an angle on the front of the blank card and adhere with double stick tape.

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