Slide Pin Magnet



2 – Slide Frames from Loersch

4  - 6” of  26 gauge wire – assorted color

Glass beads – (E beads, seed, other)

Staz-On Black Ink #3000 9087

Staz-On Cleaner #3001 1438

Small Alphabet stamps

Round Nose Pliers

Wire cutters

” Magnet buttons #7762 2696  or 1” pin back #7712 6987

E-6000 glue #7753 6409

Small photo

Note: The sample was made using Metallic Blue slide frames #3002 4552 and Hero Arts Mixed Letters LL895 #3002 3511 and Circle Uppercase LL893 #3002 3509. Blue Moon Bead Mixes Gold #7768 3607 and Summer #3000 2874 was used to embellish with Artistic wire.


To begin, take one slide frame. Take one piece of wire and string a few beads on. Wrap one end of the wire around the frame in the upper left hand corner, leaving about an inch tail. Use the round nose pliers to curl the wire into loops. Add more beads and curl the wire as you go. Be careful to avoid the notches on the back of the frame when you wrap the wire around the frame. Add two more wires and beads to your design.

For the last wire, wrap the wire around the bottom center of the frame. Add beads and curl. You can also make beads dangle off the edge of the frame for added interest.

Pick out a short word or name to stamp on the frame. Use the Staz-On ink and an alphabet stamp set and stamp your word directly on the frame. Clean your stamps with the Staz-On cleaner.

Cut your photo approximately 1” x 1” to fit the frame. Place behind the decorated frame. You can add a little tape if necessary.  Take the second frame and align the notches on the backs of the frames. Snap frames together. You may have to adjust the wires wrapped around the frames when snapping together. Glue on a magnet or pin back behind frame.

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