Slippers/Flip Flops Card
By: Lisa Adams



Patterned paper






1. Choose your printed paper for the body of the flip-flops and a solid for the straps. Contrasting, but coordinating, solid colors seem to work the best for the straps on top of the patterned paper.

2. Take the template for the bottom of the flip-flops and mark 2 of them on the back of the patterned paper. Make sure you remember to flip the template over for one of the pieces so you won’t have 2 left feet! Then cut out the shapes.

3. Take the template for the strap and follow the same process as you did with the bottoms including the flip of the template.

4. Apply permanent adhesive to the back of the strap pieces and apply them to the bottoms following the samples for placement.

5. Choose the decorative embellishment style for your flip-flops, a plain brad, a brad and flower or whatever strikes your fancy, or none at all.

6. Now is the time to apply that embellishment, if you are using a brad punch a hole at the top of the strap and insert brad.

7. Apply permanent adhesive to the backside of the flip-flop shapes then apply them to the card base following sample’s placement.

8. If you choose, create a little “envelope” for a gift card and attach it to the inside of the shirt with permanent adhesive.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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